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Pick up your products!

Drop off your animal(s) the day of slaughter between 7am and noon. Arrangements can be made for earlier drop off, or day before drop off, just let us know!

Cut sheets provided at drop off, or download below and bring with you. You can also email or text the cutsheet to us.

Drop off your animal and fill out a cut sheet

Book Your Reservation

Call, text or email us to book your reservation.

Once your animal has been processed and cuts have been in the freezer for at least 24 hours, you will receive a call.   
• Please pick up your product within 3 days, our freezer space is limited.

• If arrangements aren't made, after 7 days you be assessed a storage fee for every extra day we store your product.
• Products left at our facility for more than 30 days will become property of Yoder's Butcher Barn.

Call or text us at:

cut sheet

cut sheet

(240) 807-9361

How it Works

Deer &


During open hours 
Just stop in, drop off your deer and let us know how you'd like it processed. 
We WILL be opened extended hours during deer season. We do not know exactly
those hours will be. We'll be here as long as deer are coming in.

If we are closed, please call us for arrangements.
Or better yet, call when you're on your way here.
If we are closed, we will either give instructions on where to leave your
deer or we will meet you here

cut sheet

(240) 807-9361

Call or text us at:

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