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Ryan & Morgan Yoder, Owners

Their girls, Essie and Izzy


Ryan and Chad

The Team

Who are we?

       We are Ryan and Morgan Yoder of Grantsville MD. Ryan is a Grantsville native and is a 3rd generation butcher. His interest in butchering started at young age. His father and grandfather were butchers and sausage makers for a number of years. After seeing his dad at work, Ryan and his siblings would go home and play “kill floor” in their living room. They would string up stuffed animals on clothes lines from the living room to the kitchen and slide them across the lines of their pretend kill floor. (Sure, it’s maybe a little morbid, but someone’s gotta be the butcher!)

       Ryan’s father, Chad Yoder worked at Yoder’s Meat Packers for 25 years. Ryan’s grandfather, Crist Swartzentruber, worked in the sausage kitchen at Yoder’s meat packers for a number of years.

       When Yoder’s Meat Packers shut down, Chad continued to butcher for friends and family out of his basement. This is where Ryan learned to butcher, by watching and helping his dad butcher pigs, deer and beef for family and friends. Chad is semi-retired, but will be working with us part-time at the butcher barn.

       Ryan and Morgan are members of AAMP (American Association of Meat Processors). They attend conferences and training sessions provided by AAMP and are committed to growing their knowledge and skills in butchering, sausage making, smoking, curing, and eventually… Hot Dog making!

We look forward to the opportunity to process your meat!

Ryan and Chad


Chad Yoder


Crist Swartzentruber


Chad Yoder

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